Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm trying to fundraise for a friend. I'm trying to keep him out of dire straits, money wise. So, I'm making fandom figurines. Actually I'd attempt any form of figurine as long as it is relatively simplistic. The one below is Jeeves and Wooster, and is worth about US$60. It's being sent to the UK this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As well as dollhouse miniatures, I make figurines. This is a relatively new occupation of mine! I really enjoy it though, and they make great gifts for people who don't like miniatures (which is... most people. Though one day when I rule the world that will change!)

I made two new figurines today, to do with the series Jeeves and Wooster. Which is one of my favourite tv series and I really enjoy the short stories too. I made one of them sitting on a bench, and one of young Bertie (though other people may just appreciate it as a figurine of an Edwardian child).

I've offered these up as custom orders on a Jeeves and Wooster fan community, and I'm really hoping I'll get some takers.

I know, I know, everyone needs money for something, but [sob story coming up] I'm really wanting to help out one of my friends in some way shape or form- and this is the only way I can think of to do it. My own little "help my friend" charity. And people will get a nice figurine too. :) So, I'm stepping up my blatancy of 'hey, I'll make you stuff if you want it!'

Not just Jeeves and Wooster of course- any fandom that I can physically make. (Though if it's not in the Public Domain, or not something that could also be something generic, I won't be able to sell it on Etsy because of the copyright problems, potentially...)

Here's hoping it works!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Here We Are

G'day everyone! I'm "Living" (well obviously that's not my real name but that's what people tend to call me online. That, or Livvie. Let's stick with Livvie, I think...), and I'm one of the few young people who does dollhouse miniatures, or so it seems.
I also like making figurines, though that's a new endeavour.
I sell my miniatures and my figurines online, via Etsy. I can be found at

There's also slime. Mm, slime!

I'm hoping that this blog will be entertaining and useful for you, and also that it will be a little bit of a way for me to vent about things. I hope that lots of miniaturists find it, and also young people who sell things on Etsy. If at any point you want to ask a question or suggest a post topic, please do so.

Is this a good start to a blog yet?

No? Aw. Well, I'll be back later.