Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm trying to fundraise for a friend. I'm trying to keep him out of dire straits, money wise. So, I'm making fandom figurines. Actually I'd attempt any form of figurine as long as it is relatively simplistic. The one below is Jeeves and Wooster, and is worth about US$60. It's being sent to the UK this week.


The Carolina Quilter said...

Thanks for commenting about my little rug on my mini blog, Mini Leaps and Bounds. I've done hand embroidery including shadow work, silk ribbon embroidery, etc. but somehow punch needle had a learning curve. I used DMC and finally figured out to use three strands. Cameo has now come out with a smaller needle so I'm ordering that soon as I think it will be more in scale for 1:12 with smaller loops. I like your figurines. I am back into pouring and firing porcelain dolls, this time mini's.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Meant to say I'll add your blog to my links as soon as I get a chance! Got to head to the quilt shop to get last minute gifts finished!

Lucy said...

You are so kind to send me a link and I have been there already. I think this link just might be the ticket. I just love your figurines. I am going to ask you a question about doing something for me. but first I have to see if I can find what I would like to have in picture and see what you have to say. Not to many people take the time to try to help someone they have never met. Lucy

FutureGirl said...

Hi Living! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am seeking your email address but can't find one anywhere - do get in touch, I am happy to submit things for you,
smiles and good vibes always!

Anonymous said...

Hi Livvie! Thanks for your comment on my cards at finding handmade happiness! It's so cool to see someone blogging about miniatures!! I started making miniature dollhouses and 1 inch scale settings etc. when I was 23 too. That was my main hobby for 10 years. I started making cards after my boys were born (less time consuming). I just turned 40, and I would so love to get back into miniature art!
I'll be back! Good luck with your new blog!

Kylie B said...

I hope your fried manages to get though these tough time, you are a true fried for helping him!

Thank-you for the wonderful comments on my Blog!

José said...

Hi there,

That piece is great and your idea is quite nice.
I'm going to tweet about this post.

Kind regards,


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