Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As well as dollhouse miniatures, I make figurines. This is a relatively new occupation of mine! I really enjoy it though, and they make great gifts for people who don't like miniatures (which is... most people. Though one day when I rule the world that will change!)

I made two new figurines today, to do with the series Jeeves and Wooster. Which is one of my favourite tv series and I really enjoy the short stories too. I made one of them sitting on a bench, and one of young Bertie (though other people may just appreciate it as a figurine of an Edwardian child).

I've offered these up as custom orders on a Jeeves and Wooster fan community, and I'm really hoping I'll get some takers.

I know, I know, everyone needs money for something, but [sob story coming up] I'm really wanting to help out one of my friends in some way shape or form- and this is the only way I can think of to do it. My own little "help my friend" charity. And people will get a nice figurine too. :) So, I'm stepping up my blatancy of 'hey, I'll make you stuff if you want it!'

Not just Jeeves and Wooster of course- any fandom that I can physically make. (Though if it's not in the Public Domain, or not something that could also be something generic, I won't be able to sell it on Etsy because of the copyright problems, potentially...)

Here's hoping it works!

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TheresaJ said...

Good luck with this. Your figurines are great!